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We’ve got a series of blog posts to help those new to gaming mice + mice accessories better understand some of the factors that help make your experience with gaming mice even better. I’ll be posting links to those blogs here, but feel free to add your own great resources in the replies below!

Hard vs. Soft Mousepads Explained

Ambidextrous vs. Ergonomic Gaming Mice: What’s the Difference?

A Simple Guide To Glorious Elements Mousepads


I’m tempted to try out the Glorious hybrid pads. I’ve been a cloth-pad gamer my whole life. The one time I tried a hard pad I lost my mind with my complete lack of precision. I’d overshoot everything. What I love about cloth pads is that when my wrist stops moving, so does the mouse. But what I don’t like is how much “force” is required to move a mouse across the pad…even with really fancy low-friction feet.

You might consider doing a wired vs wireless post. I was an unwavering wired-mouse evangelist until I got another company’s wireless mouse (sorry, Glorious, you didn’t have mice at that time :wink: ). I was convinced that wireless latency could never match wired latency.
Based on my own testing, I was wrong (at least in my very small test set). My wireless mouse has slightly better latency than the wired mouse I replaced. AND there’s no wire to interfere with movement (plus my desk has 1 less wire in the way :slight_smile: )


@Zach do we have a wired vs. wireless post? If so, I’ll add it to these resources :computer_mouse:

Pinging this one too as we’ve added a few more resources!

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