Random Issue with GMMK Pro

Hello all,
I have had my GMMK Pro for roughly 2 years now. It was working perfectly up until 4 months ago when I went from Windows 10 to 11. The only thing that stopped working was Shift + j to input a capital “J”. The only way I can obtain a capital “j” is by pressing the caps lock and then the “j” key.

I then realized today upon bringing my keyboard to work for a LAN party, that the Shift + j combo works on my work laptop and my work E-sports Machine.

I have re-installed firmware for the keeb many times. I am just stumped at this point.

Hey @CatfishBTW and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your issue. The fastest way to get this sorted would be to try contacting Glorious Support. Any advice here on the forum will be a shot in the dark.

And that issue sounds really interesting. I’ve never heard of an issue like this before. Keep us posted on how this progresses. Hoping support can get you squared away.