QC problems on the Glorious Coiled Cables?

I’ve been looking to buy a new cable and was thinking to buy the one from Glorious since they are a bit cheaper from cablemod. But after a little research I saw a post on reddit saying there was some problems when receiving the cable.

Here’s the post I’m referring too.

Anyone else have these problems? The nebula coil and nebula keycaps make such a great match but I don’t want to buy something and regret it later. :frowning:

I have the nebula one and I love it. Good quality and haven’t had any problems :man_shrugging: Did he ever say where he bought it from I just kept seeing “a vendor”


So the first thing Im noticing in that Reddit post is the picture of the aviator connector. That connector is blatantly painted over and looks awful, which leads me to believe the seller was not an authorized Glorious retailer. If I remember correctly, all of the aviator connectors on the Glorious Coiled Cables have a matte black finish, aside from the Nebula (which is chrome) and the Ghost White (which is matte white).
I have purchased a lot of products from Glorious over the years, and Ive had a few issues with products across that span of time. No one is perfect (plus the pandemic) and its honestly a numbers game. If I buy 100 items, Im more likely to get something wonky than someone who only buys 3. Now, where I may have had an issue here or there, the Glorious support team has never once let an oversight on their end ruin their reputation with me.
So should you purchase a coiled cable from Glorious, I guarantee it will not look like the item pictured in that thread.


Ya based on the reddit post, i wouldnt use it as a judgement towards the glorious products, not shilling but… if someone ever post a “mixed review” or “bad review” on reddit, amazon, or elsewhere, but mentions “i did not purchase through the authorized seller” then i assume they purchased a “copycat look alike” cause it was cheaper…and got what they paid for.

as a side note to the above: there are countless tutorials on how to make a coiled cable with a airplace connector, or more specificly, military style connector…so no doubt people have jumped on the wagon trying to make a buck on the side selling their custom cables at a cheaper price due to cheaper, less controlled parts.

As far as Glorious is concerned, I’ve only had one interaction where I received 1 bad stabilizer with my GMMK pro when i built it a few months back, and instantly customer support was ready to send me replacements…so… buy the glorious cable, if your not happy with it or it has issues, im confident glorious will be prompt when helping troubleshoot, or replace.


I was happy with the quality of the coiled cable I received from Glorious


Thanks so much for the replies guys and it seems like the op of the post said he bought from a vendor and not from glorious themselves. I will most likely be purchasing the cable directly from glorious the next time it goes on sale :slight_smile: