Problem side buttons falling out and how to insert it back?

Hello friends, help me solve the problem with the backlash of the side buttons, the second model already has the same problems, how can I insert the button back if it falls out? Or are there instructions on what to do in such situations?

I don’t think they’re supposed to fall off/go back on if they do. Looks like you have one of the less recent versions too. I haven’t seen holes in the click buttons for a while. Try reaching out to support to see if they can do anything for you.

Yeah they certainly shouldn’t be falling out- there is an entire plastic clip that holds the buttons together. If they are falling out, that means they are cracked/broken.

It likely means you’re squeezing/mashing your buttons way too hard. Everyone has different levels of play and use of their equipment, but the only time I’ve ever broken side buttons like this is when I’m rage mashing by buttons.