Pro TKL?

Are there any plans for a Pro TKL?


Not that I know of currently, but we’ll keep you posted here if this changes.


I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing Glorious take on Keychron’s lineup of Q-series keyboards, but I think that the GMMK Pro deserves a redesign/update before that happens. Solidify and perfect the “Pro” keyboard expectation and then expand the lineup.

Even if just expanding to include common layouts like 60% and TKL in addition to 75%, I think that Glorious could take home a big W from doing so. Monsgeek and NuPhy are building out their own product catalog, as are some of the more “premium” options like the QK, Jris, or Zoom boards.


Thanks for keeping us updated and if things change. I went with the Zoom TKL since there wasn’t a Glorious option like the GMMK Pro TKL.

I was hoping one would come from the Forge process. :frowning_face: , at some point. With the delays in Model D Pro, Model O 2, etc. I can understand on focusing on getting production versus the Forge (one time type releases), which is the right decision.