Please recommend a good laptop

Please recommend a good laptop with a quality keyboard at a reasonable price. I recently purchased a Dell laptop, but it stopped working within a year. While there are many laptops available, most are designed specifically for gaming and movies. I need a laptop primarily for blogging. The previous laptop had a cheap keyboard that didn’t click effortlessly and failed quickly.

Hey @Hallah welcome to the forum!

I have very little advice to offer here and hoping some others can chime in. I will say my wife has a surface laptop for work and while the keyboard is no mechanical keyboard, it is surprisingly nice to type on and seems of good quality.

I strongly suggest using a standalone keyboard with your laptop if you plan to type a lot. Treat yourself to something nice, too. I type all day working IT and getting a good keyboard made a huge difference. The keyboard itself matters less than the switches and keycaps that you choose.

As for laptops, I’m really enjoying my Acer Swift Go 14 (this is the one I bought). The screen is awesome and overall I’m super impressed with the laptop considering the seemingly low price. It’s my first Acer though, so I’m not sure what to expect for long-term reliability.

I have an ACER I bought for finishing school. At this point it’s 8 years old and wasn’t fast when I bought it. The only issue is suffers from is being old and slow. That thing worked like a champ for exactly what I needed with no hiccups.

Long way of saying ACER has been kind to me.