Per Key Lighting Profile Issues

I was wondering if anyone had experienced this issue and if there was a solution?

Glorious Core Version: 1.1.34
GMMK Pro Version: 0017

My setup:
Profile 1: Normally On Preset, all one colour
Profile 2: Per key lighting, numerous keys, numerous colours
Profile 3: Normally On Preset, all one colour

The problem that I have is that the per key lighting configuration set up on profile 2 seems to be leaking to profiles 1 and 3. For example, if I first configure the per key lighting on profile 2, all works fine and there is no issues. If I reboot the PC or unplug and replugin the keyboard, profiles 1 and 3 (which should all be a standard colour) have the per key lights enabled. If I remove the per key light settings for profile 1 and 2 after the PC has been rebooted, all is fine, but if I reboot (or reconnect the keyboard) a third time, the per key lighting effects on profile 2 are removed.

It’s like the per key lighting effects are only allowed once and actually apply to all of your profiles after a reboot.

Has anyone else experienced this before? And if so, did anyone resolve the issue?


I have this happen as well. My per key lighting overwrites any other profile layers’ preset lighting every single time. On both of my GMMK pro models. I just use per key lighting on one of them as the lighting effect for all three layers; I just use preset lighting on the other for when I want to change up lighting patterns, never figured out how to fix it or even tried to, but I have been meaning to ask lol

At least I’m not the only one! ::

Hopefully the devs see this and provide a fix.

Save it as a “Layout” and name it. You can set the layout to the profile. Then set profile 2 or 3 to the default layout. The layout saving is under the per key lighting.