Per key lighting inconsistent/bound wrong

I just got my GMMK pro and have been having issues with the per key lighting effects. some of the keys change to the color I want just fine, but others wont change color at all, some will change the color for the wrong key, and others will remove the lighting effect from other keys. For example, when I try to change the lighting for the backspace key, it illuminates the J key instead, or changing the Delete key then the page up key will undo the change I did to the delete key. I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if so has anyone found a solution to this issue. I have also tried getting VIA to work on this board to potentially get around this issue but to no avail so if anyone happens to know how to get that to work, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry to hear that’s happening. I would reach out to glorious support to see if they can help.

A suggestion would be to reattempt flashing the latest firmware in core. That can be done in the setting section. Keep us posted on progress and good luck!

I couldn’t fix glorious core itself to work out, but I was able to finally get VIA to work and doesn’t have any issues anymore. Apparently there is a conflict with Thrustmaster HOTAS drivers which prevent flashing a new firmware onto the board. Uninstalling these drivers fixed my issues. Hope this is helpful for anyone experiencing the same or similar issues.

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That is some great detective work on your part! Sorry it was a problem, but that’s awesome you figured it out.