Panda Switches - Poor Quality?

I received panda switches with my GMMK Pro back in May. I’ve had about 6 of these fail since then. Is that normal? I never had to replace my previous Cherry MX (different board) switches over 4 years of use. The failure is that the switch registers a double input. Mainly happens on my high use WASD but did happen on my CTRL button the other day. Really annoying as the switches aren’t cheap.

Anyone else experience this?


I have not had this happen! Hopefully it was just a bad couple of switches mine have been great so far.

I’ve noticed this happening with this exact combination. What I’ve noticed is that the hotswap sockets on the GMMK Pro are slightly looser than other hotswap sockets and the pins on the pandas are slightly thinner. I’ve found that slightly bending the pins in opposite directions creates better contact with the socket and that resolved the issue for me.


I had one go bad the same way in my regular GMMK board.

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Yo thanks a lot I just tried it on the 3 switches I was having issues with and it seems to have fixed it. I was a bit scared at first.


I had 2 switches not work at all when I received them and after 4 months, 8 have the double typing issue. Luckily I had to buy 3 boxes of switches for my GMMK Pro so I had enough extra ones but it’s a little concerning so many of my switches are bad


That’s a big brain move right there! Nice tip!


I thought the double typing problem was related to the latency and polling settings, not a faulty switch. I had that issue too and recently changed my latency to 8ms. Today is a new day and I’m waiting to see if I still experience the issue anymore.

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I actually had a switch in my batch that doesn’t actuate each time. It bottoms out but the keyless isn’t registered. Swapped out and it’s working fine. Unfortunate these are a new order I just out together so may contact customer support but it’s only one switch and I got 3x36 for the tenkeyless. I have extras.

I have this happening with several keys. I reported it to support. Support advised me to disassemble the keyboard, which I didn’t think was a reasonable response to a failing switch. I don’t know what to do as they said I would receive an email followup, which I didn’t.

I cannot comment about Panda switches. I use Ink Black V2s on PC plate. About 25 switches are loose and would easily come off when you try to remove the keycap. However, there is no issue in day-to-day activity. I do have 2 failed switches.

I’ve used Kiwis on Alu plate. Pretty much hated the tactile nature and sold them (they were beautiful-looking switches though) But they did fit in nicely and were barely any loose switches.

In case anyone is curious about a year later. GMMK replaced the keyboard which did absolutely nothing. The failing switches that I pulled from the old keyboard failed the same on the new keyboard. I also tried the switches in another mechanical keyboard I have and the faulty switches were still faulty. The issue persisted when plugged in to different PCs as well. I thought maybe the batch of switches I originally received was bad so I bought a new box of the GMMK Panda switches on Amazon a month ago to continue replacing faulty switches. Well I just had one of the switches from the new box fail. My 83 switch keyboard has had 52 switches replaced in the past 15 months. Such a shame as I love the feeling of the switches :frowning:

The issue is all over reddit now so I don’t think the poor quality is news anymore.

Sounds unlucky. Personally, I would just buy different switches and move on from the Glorious Pandas. Glorious Pandas are expensive and fits loosely on boards. I currently am using Glorious Pandas on my F row keys for my Bubble75, just using a keycap pulling also pulls the switch out just like it did with Gmmk Pro.

Maybe look into Zealios v1 Redux or consider Boba U4T. I personally like my Zealios more for a tactile switch option compared to Glorious Pandas. I noticed Glorious Pandas are scientifically louder. Zealios is a lot smoother and sounds better than Glorious Pandas in my own opinion.