Opinions on Heavy vs Light Peripherals

Hello Glorious Fam,

Just wanted to make a little place to discuss folk’s opinions on what they prefer when it comes to mice weight.

I’ve always personally have a preference for heavier, sturdier products as the stronger materials subconsciously make me lean towards higher quality. I’ve used a couple mice in my time that allow for additional weights to be added in the bottom which make the world a difference. Though, I’ve had many people’s opinions that ultralight mice are the way to go for speed and control.

What do you think?



Lighter the better, is my opinion. It feels weird now to use a mouse above 60 grams. I’m using the Lamzu Maya at 45 grams at the moment.

For years, I would only use the Corsair M65 that was about 105 grams with the weights in the bottom. I won’t use it without all the weights till I made the switch to the GPX then the rest is history with light mouse.

I’m waiting on my Finalmouse ULX cheetah to arrive which comes in at about 32 grams. Plus, I’m looking at the WLmouse Beast X mini, as well.


I used to drive the G502, but at the end of a long game session I felt some level of hand fatigue. When I got the Model O, it was a game changer for me. And after that, getting the Model O Pro from the forge was even more. I still feel the MOP is one of the best mice I’ve used. It feels so effortless and is balanced incredibly well. I also have the 4k/8k MO2P. While I love that mouse, I have a slightly stronger preference toward the MOP. I don’t know if it’s the couple of grams lighter, but it seems to be my absolute preferred. However, I main the MO2P since the switches are faster, and the placebo effect of a faster polling rate. I say placebo because my ahem talents likely make the improvement imperceivable. But let a man dream will ya?!


I started with the g502 as well and when I saw the model O- I bought that and have been going lighter and lighter since. Probably not a popular opinion but I actually enjoy the holes all over the place mice although none of my current mains have holes in them.


I am apathic to holes or no holes. If it feels good in my hand, that’s all I care about. Also, since I am a fingertip style player, I don’t ever really feel the holes when playing. So that could be a component as well.

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