[OFFICIAL] Glorious Mouse Shape Discussion

Shape is one of the most important deciding factors when choosing a mouse. Our lineup has expanded quite a bit recently, so we’d like to give you a brief overview of our current shapes! For a more in-depth look at each mouse’s features, please click their respective link.


Model O

Our first shape ever! Model O mice use an ambidextrous design ideal for claw and fingertip grip users. This shape is built for peak speed and control in fast-paced games.

Mice that use this shape include the Model O Wired, Model O Wireless, and Model O PRO.

Model D

Unlike Model O, Model D mice use a right-handed ergonomic design ideal for palm or claw grip users. This shape is great for users who use their mouse for both gaming and work/school.

Mice that use this shape include the Model D Wired and Model D Wireless.

Model O- / Model D-

Ideal for users with smaller hands, Model O- and Model D- take the same designs of their larger counterparts and shrink their dimensions slightly. Minus mice are a great choice for younger gamers who have trouble gripping larger alternatives.

Mice that use these smaller shapes include Model O- Wired, Model O- Wireless, Model D- Wired, and Model D- Wireless.

Model I

Like the Model D, Model I uses a right-handed ergonomic design. However, this shape uniquely features a molded thumb rest for added comfort. Its heavily contoured design makes it ideal for palm and claw grip users.

This shape is exclusive to the Model I Wired.

Series One PRO

The latest addition to our lineup of shapes! Series One PRO uses a compact ambidextrous design with a shorter overall profile than even the Model O-. The shape’s more prominent hump makes it perfect for fingertip and claw users.

This shape is exclusive to the Series One PRO Wireless.

Which mouse shapes have you tried? Any shape you haven’t used but want to get your hands on? Let us know!


I have the Model I mouse and I love it, the extra buttons are a great addition. My next Glorious mouse I get I want to be Wireless and I would love to try the Model O- and the Series One Pro because I have smaller hands. I would also love to see the Model I as Wireless and a Model I- (minus) because like I said I have small hands and the Model I feels just a little to big for me not that much though and not a big deal really but would be nice to see it a little smaller. I must collect them all :rofl:


I have big hands and always have to squeeze ambi mice from the sides to keep control of them, Ergo the Model O is uncomfortable for me. I’m assuming my experience would be just as bad, or worse, with the Series One Pro so I didn’t bother with it. I do, on the other hand love both my Model D and Model I.


Please ignore the look of the g502, it has been well used.

I’ll keep this short, you advertise the model I for large hands, but you messed up. You mostly copied the g502, but my thumb is right up against these side button of which you can’t change two of them, and people with large hands might activate them by accident, along with the more shallow area might find the mouse unusable. You frankly messed up here, and I tell people to buy another brand for large hands, however not logitech due to their poor switches and software as of late.

So please don’t repeat this mistake, and if you’re going to have replaceable buttons, let us replace ALL the buttons on the side.

I would second the request for a bigger mouse. Granted, I have really large hands. I have the Model D currently but it’s laughably small. I’m not necessarily saying make something that actually fits my hand, I’m just asking for something bigger than the D.

Should have another category like a Plus (+) category like a Model O+ for all those who’s hands are bigger then the regular Model O. That way you have a category for the “Regular” size hands with the Model O, Model D, and Model I. Then you have your “Small” size hands category with the Model O-, Model D-, and hopefully more to come. Then you can have a Plus (+) category for the “Large” to “X-Large” size hands. Just a thought I had, not sure if anyone had a similar idea earlier or if that’s something they already considered but even though I am in the “Small” hand category it would be cool to see them cover those who hands are in the “Large” to “X-Large” category

I’d also like a really big mouse. Something akin to the Razer Naga that has a place to rest my ring finger would be nice, but also that extends farther back or otherwise does a better job of keeping my wrist off the desk. I find that I get wrist pain after a while even with the Model D because of how my wrist ends up resting on the desk. Mind you, it would probably also help if my desk was a little shorter, but that’s a more expensive replacement than a mouse.

I use a palm/claw hybrid grip, and I have issues with my right arm. The most comfortable mouse I think I’ve used in the last few years has been the Cooler Master MM720.

The lower profile “hump” and wider design was one of the best fitting overall mice I’ve personally used. The two reasons I don’t main the MM720 is the thumb buttons feel too small for the size of the mouse and the pre travel on the M1/M2 buttons were pretty noticeable.

I would personally love to see Glorious develop a mouse that was designed with wide hands in mind. The narrow body that has become so popular requires a partial pinching grip, which I can’t maintain for long periods of time.

Just curious if you’ve ever used a razer deathadder, it seems you might like it. It’s definitely a palm mouse.

Edit: The basilisk is better for people with large hands, and both might be easy enough to demo in a local store.

The Basilisk is even narrower, IIRC, so I don’t find it nearly as comfortable as the Naga. I haven’t used the Naga for any length of time, though, so I can’t really give it a fair comparison vs the Deathadder. I do find the Model D to be slightly nicer overall than the Deathadder, though.

I’ve used DeathAdder mice extensively and have also used the Basilisk V3. I found that the Basilisk felt narrow and a little small, especially compared to the DA mice which are quite large.

The Model I is the first mouse of yours that’s actually big enough to be somewhat comfortable for my hands - I’m also a previous long time Logitech G502 user. In a perfect world, it would actually be a little bit longer, or have a little deepr hump, but I’ve gotten very used to it and i’ve been using it as my main mouse since it launched.

From Glorious, I have the Model O, Model D-, and Model D- Wireless. From other manufacturers I’ve also had the Logitech G Pro Wireless, Logitech G Pro Superlight, Zowie EC2-B, Xtrfy MZ1 (Zy’s Rail), Corsair Sabre, and Razer Basilisk. I much prefer the Model D shape over the Model O. The ambi shape of mice like the Model O or Logitech G Pro make my hand cramp with prolonged use. I also prefer your ceramic feet over the ones that come on them. If I had to provide a suggestion, your mice need to retain the last DPI value the user had it set at between disconnects/power cycles/etc. I disabled all DPI steps except 800 because mine kept reverting to a different value. Other than that, just keep making them lighter. I’ve been keeping my eyes on the forge for a no frills D- wireless that weighs even less like you did with the Model O.

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I LOVE my Model O- so much. As one with smaller hands it fits so well at home and work. I just picked up a Model O- wireless to use at work to reduce the extra cord clutter I have on my desk.

I have a Model I2 wireless pre-ordered but I’m slightly concerned it will be too big for my hands to game with comfortably. I would be very happy to see a Model I- wireless to help out us PC users who wear size S or Medium gloves.

Since my all-time favorite MMO mouse, my 2012 Razer Naga Molten, just went into the trash after over a decade of use (irreparable double click). That mouse beat out MMO offerings from Steelseries, Corsair, Logitech, and updated Razers…no matter which mouse I bought to replace it I always found my way back…I’m hoping the Model I2 wireless will fit the bill despite having…10 less mappable buttons :sweat_smile: for MMO.

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