O2 pro connectivity

So I bought the O2 pro right when it came out and I really have been loving it so I decided I wanted to buy another one and try to mod it to fit in the to series one pro (which it fits perfectly and basically makes a smaller o2 pro) but now when I try to connect either mouse nothing works! I only connect one at a time and I know which mouse goes with each dongle but nothing happens! I opened the glorious core software and it acts like it connects and shows in there but the mouse does not work, is there another way to reconnect the mouse to the dongle or anything help would be great.

@Bearenby any idea on pairing the o2 pro

The fastest way to resolve this would be to contact Glorious Support directly. They can help troubleshoot and get you squared away. Here on the forum we are just guessing.

And the one guess I’ll offer, is that you can use the core software to pair dongles. Might be worth trying to re-pair the dongle with the mouse to see if that resolves your issue.

Keep us posted on where you land. Hoping you can get this cleared up soon!

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Contacting support is your best bet. They will be able to trouble shoot your exact case.

The issue could be caused by a lot of different things.

You could try updating our operating system and using the dongle pair feature in Glorious Core. If those don’t work, support is the best option.

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Okay, now you got me wondering if I should try to convert my O2 Pro into the SOP… @cgordon4198 Did the SOP have screws around M1/M2 on the top side of the mouse? The Model O Pro from Forge had screws on the top of it near there to keep the mouse together. Appreciate you letting me know if you can. :pray: Hope you get the connections stuff sorted as I would do this mod in a heartbeat

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from what I can remember the SOP is put together just like the o2 Pro! I do not have a Model O pro yet so I cant compare