O 2 firmware issues

If anyone from Glorious reads this, please consider the following fixes to the firmware:

  1. The mouse doesn’t charge from the USB port of the PC when the PC is turned off. Other devices charge from the port just fine. I’ve tried both USB-C and old-style USB ports to no avail. The mouse does charge when the PC is turned on, although it’s hard to tell, because there’s no charge indication light. It would be worth a firmware update to use one of those hundred LEDs as charging indicator. This is particularly an issue because I have to charge the mouse from a wall charger due to the aforementioned reasons and it’s hard to tell when the charging is done.
  2. The wireless receiver doesn’t work in an otherwise standard Thunderbolt/USB-C port on the back of my Intel NUC. It does work in any old-school USB 3.2 ports.
  3. The battery level is not correctly reported over the wireless connection and Glorious Core always shows the same value when connection via 2.4GHz. The battery level is correctly reported over Bluetooth, though. Combined this issue with no charge indicator effectively makes the mouse unreliable and I always have to keep another mouse around in case the O 2’s battery runs flat.

Hi! There are a lot of variables with an issue like this. The best way to get help is to reach out to support.

They will be able to troubleshoot with you in real time through our chat feature. You can reach them here or anywhere on our site with the chat bubble in the bottom right.