Numpad volume control compatibility

Hey guys, I know we just got out hands on these things but I was wondering if anyone had any success so far with using the dial and fader for something like mic volume or stream volume in voicemeeter? I messed with it for a could of hours last night and didn’t get too far. I’m sure there will be patches and updates to increase compatibility. Just wanted to start an open dialogue on this sort of thing here. Thanks!


Welcome to the Guild @v3n0m2188 very happy to have you on board. Also thank you for opening this Post for this type of discussion, I’m sure in the coming weeks there will be an influx of questions and discissions about the Numpad and it’s different functions. Good luck with figuring out your volume question, I don’t have mine yet so I am of no use therel. Again, welcome to the Glorious Community!

Yes :repeat: @Dozill here, Welcome @v3n0m2188!

I would also like to throw in some things for my numpad experience here:

Audio source/(whatever/any source) needs to be able to be selectable by the user.
Right now the device is only scanning through windows default source for apps running and then we can ascribe (based on that list) what app we want the slider to be used for.

I have a MAJOR issue with this.
For myself (as a streamer/content creator on Twitch and some YT) and I assume anyone else who does the type of things that I do in any form will be impacted by this too; Having programs separated into different channels than the default channel makes it so I don’t get DMCA strikes. So setting music apps back to be on the windows default (so the numpad can see it :roll_eyes:) breaks my ability to be able to separate these channels. In it’s current state it is unusable for my use case as both encoder and slider are meant for different music apps that are both not on the default source list.

Edit for more information:
I have a GoXLR, which is a 4 hardware channel mixer. It has 5 total software channels and my music is not on the main source that windows sees (even though windows does see all of the GoXLR sources) therefore the numpad has no idea I even have Spotify open.

You HAVE to open this up to be able to switch the source it pulls from or you need to give some clarity that you are not so I can return this, regrettably. :sob:

Thanks for reading.

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Dang that is something that needs to be looked into for sure. Maybe @Millions can pass it to the team and get some info on if they will fix/add that ability because it is for sure needed