Numpad Leds won't shut off

I purchased a numpad. I used the wired connection and the numpad leds will not turn off even when the PC is shut off and powered down.

I have to physically disconnect the cable to turn off the leds during power down,

Is there a solution for this?

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I’m not sure if this is correct or not, but I’ve noticed on my PC some of my USB ports stay “active” even when the PC is completely shutdown. So if I want all my stuff to shut down too so I’m not seeing LEDs all night long, I have to make sure they are plugged into USB ports that shut down when the computer does.

that is my very untechnical explanation lol

I would suggest reaching out to Glorious Support and asking them for assistance with the LEDs staying on @edchavezr1. Support is much more practiced in troubleshooting these kinds of issues, and will be the fastest way to get to the bottom of the problem.

I would recommend double checking the lighting settings in CORE and adjusting the “turn off after inactivity” setting.

Thanks for the feedback. I was on chat with customer service and he said the same thing.

He recommeded that I go into the bios and configure my usb ports so that they are not powered when the pc is off. Unfortunately I cannot see anywhere in my bios where I can do this.

I was hoping that there was a software configuration in core that would fix this.

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Depends on your motherboard for BIOS. If you have a power management category, check there; otherwise, look in advanced or search for ‘EUP’ or ‘ERP’ in the BIOS settings. The USB ports on your motherboard may be controlled by power states such as S4 (hibernate state) or S5 (complete shutdown).

Thank you! Yup that did it. I was messing around in the bios and found the power management for the USB and disabled it.

While this did solve the problem of the leds being on during powerdown, I now lose the ablity to keep power on all USB ports during power down. So any devices (phone charger, wireless mouse charger, etc.) cannot charge while the computer is off.

It would be nice if the core software had to ability to turn off leds during power down as an option.

I’m planning on upgrading my MB in the future, so I’ll be looking at individually addressing USB power as feature.

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Correct this will disable all USB ports. I don’t think there’s a way to address them individually via BIOS setting you could try a USB adapter with on/off switch. But this really should become a feature in CORE

Well that’s nifty! I’ll give it a shot…

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I agree, it feels strange that its not a simple check box setting within the software.