Numpad glorious gmmk signal rgb compatible?

Good morning

I would like to know if the numpad (glorious gmmk’s numeric keypad) is compatible with the signal rgb software? I would like to sync it with my gmmk pro.

thanks in advance!!

Signal RGB requires some Glorious products to be flashed with the GMK firmware to work with Signal RGB. At this time, it is only stated that the following products work with Signal RGB; GMMK Pro & GMMK 2 via GMK firmware and Model O and D wireless.

You could try flashing (at your own risk) the numpad with the GMK firmware in hopes that is work but as of now, it isn’t confirmed if the numpad is supported or not.

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thank you for your reply

I flashed my gmmk pro because I knew it worked with rgb signal but with the gmmk numpad, I’m not going to take the risk without being sure it works… :frowning: