Numpad connection issues

Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I did see an existing thread about numpad connection issues but it’s closed.

Today has been a nightmare of a struggle. The numpad arrived yesterday, I tried it plugged into my laptop and it felt great. What I actually bought it for though, is a computer I was going to build today.

I managed to build and set up the entire high end rig in far less time than I’ve spent trying to get the numpad to connect to it (literally half the day). I followed the instructions, I also followed the advice in the thread (try num + - first and then num + +). Closest I got to it working was when the computer said it had connected, but input with it didn’t work and it quickly disconnected by itself.

The computer is brand new, literally had it’s first turn on today. I uninstalled Glorious Core and it updated some drivers but that didn’t solve it (and as a sidenote, there’s a typo in the updater which says “update successfully” instead of “updated”).

At this point I’m frustrated and pretty close to just chucking it in the bin. Today should be joyous, I held off for quite a while on this new build. I’d really like to get the numpad working as (due to being a lefty) I use numpads for gaming.

Thanks in advance for any suggested solutiuons.

Hi @MonstaMunch - so sorry to hear you’re having these issues on what sounds like an otherwise epic day. Definitely reach out to our Support Team and let them know what the situation is. They should be able to help you walkthrough additional troubleshooting steps or other remedies for the issue from there.

Keep me posted on the status of your pad issues though, I want to make sure we solve this problem for you.

Thanks, I really appreciate it (and btw, the support team are a big part of the reason why I want to like you guys, they’ve been awesome so far). It is actually working now and has been for the past 20 minutes or so. I had it plugged in for a couple of hours and upon unplugging it again I haven’t had any issues. Will be sure to reach out to support if the problem resurfaces though. Looking forward to the GMMK 2 arriving too (it’s replacing a Huntsman mini), then I’ll be almost entirely rid of Razer from my setup (apart from my beloved mouse).


:star_struck: great looking setup! Very glad to hear the pad is cooperating with you now, and I hope you love the GMMK 2 as much as I do when it arrives - it’s my daily driver currently.

Please let me/us know if the issue resurfaces, but otherwise enjoy your new awesome rig!

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