None of my GMMK Pro’s keys work

my uncle came to visit me today and wanted to see my setup. My keyboard had been the newest edition to my setup to i disconnected it and handed it to him to hold. he gently lifted it up and down and when i went to play overwatch, the keyboard didn’t work. can anyone help me?

Edit: i figured it out guys, all i had to do was hold fn, and esc. then press f1, f3, f5

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Sorry to hear about your keyboard issues! When it’s plugged in, do the lights work on the keyboard? Does it show up in the Glorious software?


Hello, did you try restarting your computer?

I had a problem like that. If you are using Glorious Core, reset your settings and change the layer and click on save in the lighting section.

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As a last resort, flashing it to QMK might help, especially if you find this occurs often and you like swapping out your keyboard.

That happened to me this morning. It was barebones as I was waiting for parts. So I put in new stabs, I plugged it in after connecting it… and it worked. then I put the frame, switches and keycaps on… plugged it in and nothing. Unplugged it from keyboard, from aviator plug. Nothing. Then I went into the Core and updated the firmware and it would type but lights were off. After a bit the lights came back. I think it’s my cable I’ve had to finagle with any keyboard from day one with this cable.

I have had this happen to me before a few times and each time after plugging it in and the keys not registering, I have just Rest my Keyboard by holding FN+ESC then F1+F3+F5 for 10 seconds and that resets the Keyboard back to Factory Default

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I think it’s the software. Flashing to QMK makes that issue go away. And if you swap your keyboards around a lot (ie unplug the GMMK), the problem will get worse.

Mine got better, it has not happened in a long time now (knock on wood) and I am unplugging my Pro all the time to plug in my sons GMMK 2 65%

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