NEW CORE 2.0 Update

Hey all,

As promised, we are working very hard to provide more and more updates to CORE 2.0 to make it the software we all want it to be.

Our software team pushed out a new update today!

[DONE] Some users reported that CORE was not minimized when starting up the computer
[DONE] Some users reported that cloud sync profiles would sometimes sync incorrectly as well as email notifications for the users.
[DONE] Some users reported that sometimes profiles were not switching properly for some devices
[DONE] Fixed issue with keybinding ‘browse’ function not working
[DONE] Users reported that 2K Polling rate was missing for O2 D2 PRO, this is being resolved.
[DONE] Lighting Settings Issues
[DONE] Prevented crash issue when selecting certain lighting effects on the Numpad.

We are still working on fixing issues, please comment below if you are still experiencing issues so we can share with the team


Glad that these issues have been fixed, but when are these kinds of updates going to be able to be pushed through the “check for updates button”? Both updates so far, I have had to reinstall it through the website.

The update today should have been able to be updated through the software.

If it is not working for you please contact support.

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As for bugs that I am still experiencing: the register/login page never loads properly for me, on the home page when I select what colors my products are they never save, when I select white for my numpad it doesn’t change to white on that page or the numpad page, there is an extremely limited amount of key binds that are not already set as default available meaning I can’t set anything to a HOME key and I have basically no customization for the numpad, when opening the Lighting tab and a preset is selected that has the option to change the color the option has to be selected again to change colors instead of keeping the color wheel available.

I wasn’t able to get it to update through the app. So, I uninstalled it and the download on the website did fix/add the things you mentioned. I’ll contact them and let them know.

Will share with the team, I am pretty sure all of this is coming in future updates


Keybinding has been “fixed” twice, and I still cannot change bindings on keys we could in the 1.0 software. I have the GMMK Pro and cannot rebind the two keys below, no matter how many times I click save. They are stuck on the default “End” and “Delete” functions, respectively. You’re also missing the “Home” key as an option in your keybinding selector, and the app crashed while trying to change colors.

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Some of this the team is aware of and is working on, sharing this comment with our team.

Thanks Nemesis, we apologize for any inconvenience


When I open the color picker for my keyboard, the screen promptly grays out, forcing me to close the software, especially when selecting the red color.



When updating the Model D 2 Pro with CORE 2, the update experience is a massive step back as you can no longer update with just 1 cable, and also even when you have 2 cables, it gives a .net error.
Screenshot from 2024-06-11 15-15-29
This means that you have to downgrade to CORE 1 to be able to update it.

Cant remapp the buttons on my GMMK PRO ISO, either im retarded or the app contains several bugs, i cant browse for a keybind either. Had to use onscreen keyboard, but that does not seem to work also. When i switch keys the old one is not applied and stays sticky on screen.

I work in development and i use these buttons 1000 times a day. Had to switch keyboards now to an old one because cant do such a simple thing as rebind these buttons after i reinstalled windows.

That’s a bummer @rawnar. Posting here helps increase visibility to the issue. It should be added to the list.

Based on how this impacts your work, I would recommend moving back to the original core to get your keyboard back up and running and wait for future updates.

Thanks for this response Liquid!

I’ve sent these posts directly to our Software team, they should be handled within coming updates.

Please refer back to CORE 1.0 if CORE 2.0 does not work for you @rawnar @alsjkdjhf