My orders keep getting cancelled

My orders are immediately cancelled upon completing them, support said they would get back at me in 1-1.5 business days but that is when Black Friday sales are already over, anyone knows a fix? (Im not using vpn, tried different browsers, payment methods, different devices)

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What country are you shipping to? Not sure why you’re orders would be getting cancelled.

Maybe @Millions can take a look behind the scenes?

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Italy, support is not answering me, can I contact millions?

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I pinged her, so she’ll get a notification. Looks like Italy is on the list of countries they ship to, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately I’m not sure how to assist further. If you’ve reached out to support, that’s typically the best way to get a resolution.


Make sure to mention that you were trying to order them on Black Friday so they can make sure to get the sales. If it was for either of the doorbuster deals they might have ran out.

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Would it matter? I do not think they care

I think they would Glorious support has been pretty good.

Hopefully they will

I had the same issue… messaged Glorious about this but am yet to get a response. Hoping I can still make the purchase with that original discount. Otherwise I’m not going to order it :frowning: @Millions