My mouse button doesnt work

I have recently purchased a Mode D wireless and installed the glourious core and got told to do a firmawre update. I then i turned down my debounce time. When i played a game that required me to use my back mouse button ( mouse 4) it wouldnt even allow me to. I click and it doesnt register. Someone pls help

Hello @Homosapien and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your mouse button not working. While we can suggest something here on the forum, the fastest way to get support would be to contact Glorious Support. The only suggest I would have is to adjust your debounce timer, or force the firmware to update another time to see if that addresses it.

Also check to see if you accidently remapped that mouse button to something else (a mistake I have done before). Otherwise, support is going to be your best bet to get this resolved. Keep us posted!