My Glorious Review

I’ve had my num pad for a couple of weeks now, and my GMMK2 for about 36 hours. Here’s my take:

Numpad: I love good, dedicated, ambidextrous numpads. In terms of build quality this the the best I’ve had. It looks and feels like a solid piece of equipment that could easily outlive us all, which is awesome.

The slider turns out to be a gimmik. I can’t get it to do anything useful. The rotary control is nice, although I can only get it to work with volume. The typing feel is a bit subdued and reminds me a lot of the Huntsman Mini.

I had some initial connectivity issues but after they subsided it was fine.

The green light on the side is just annoying and I don’t really understand why it can’t seem to be changed (it flashes dull white when num lock is enabled).

Overall I’m glad I tried it, it’s a good numpad but not earth shattering.

GMMK2: I absolutely love the feeling of the keycaps and switches, which is weird as in theory they are the same as the numpad, but they feel entirely different to me. It’s nice to type on, and as a keyboard I guess that’s the most important thing.

That’s all I like about it. With the feet up the angle is too high for me, and with them down it’s too low. The top half of the case is a nice metal which matches the numpad, but the bottom half is white plastic. Aesthetically it’s not a good look, nor does it feel nice. The lighting is really nice in isolation but doesn’t sync with anything else I have, even the numpad (which is a bit weird). The software is regrettably not good. It isn’t specific to this keyboard so it’ll give lots of options that aren’t applicable, and the ones that are (presumably) applicable aren’t intuitive.

Also worth noting that the numpad doesn’t sit right with the keyboard. They are different heights, depths, angles and their colors don’t sync.

Customer service: Second to none. I’ve reached out to support a couple of times and they were brilliant. Quick response times, helpful, friendy, couldn’t have hoped for more on that front.

Shipping: For both of the items I bought, I received a notification that the item had been shipped 4 and 5 days after I bought them, resulting in well over a week between purchase and delivery (to the UK). It felt like I’d been cast back to the 90’s and was a bit of a letdown.

Overall: I wanted to love Glorious because you have amazing support and that’s important to me. My overall conclusion after having used the products a bit is neither positive nor negative. I like them enough that I’d happily consider trying more in future if you release products that interest me, but I won’t be actively seeking them out, nor will I be likely to use the ones I have on a regular basis. The switch and keycap combo on the GMMK2 is brilliant, it just needs better software behind it and a better case.

Disclaimer: I’m a QA manager, which means literally find problems and complain about them for a living. I hope none of the feedback above will be taken personally or as an attack. It’s just the ramblings of a professional complainer who has tried your products.

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Not surprising that the numpad doesn’t match the GMMK 2 exactly. If I remember correctly, it was designed to compliment the GMMK PRO. When I had both on my desk, they looked great aesthetically.
Admittedly, I recall the numpad body being slightly shorter in length, which did bother me a bit.

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Just as a brief update to this:

A logitec G915 arrived and it’s absolutely horrible. The keys are all wobbly, the caps have a weird slippery cheap feeling, overall it just feels like crap.

Meanwhile my GMMK2 has grown on me substantially, and it will be my daily driver until I find something I prefer. I’m still not completely blown away by it, but of the several keyboards I’ve purchased recently, it definitely has the best feel for typing and I guess that’s what matters the most.

Still need to find an appropriate wrist rest. I bought several so far and none have been quite right.

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We appreciate the honest feedback! Seriously, it’s very helpful to hear what people really think of our products and though we may not specifically reply/address each concern, be assured we do read all comments and posts like this and take them into consideration :pray:

Glad to hear the GMMK 2 has grown on you, and we hope to push out some updates in the near future that make the slider more functional for you. Keep the feedback coming!

*Also, thank you for the kind words about our CS team! They seriously are the best, we love them to death and would be lost without them.


Thank you for the kind words. I’ve managed to find a wrist rest that matches perfectly (in terms of height and feel). Next is working out whether Glorious Core will allow me to disable caps lock (usually the first thing I do when I get a new keyboard and most support it). I can’t seem to work out a way of doing it other than making changes to the windows registry itself which I’d rather not get in to if I can help it. Is there a way of doing this that I’m missing? If not then I’d like to suggest adding it, as it’s a pretty common thing to disable.

Hey there! You should be able to disable caps lock within CORE under the Key Bindings section

Let me know if that helps!

It worked, thank you. My confusion was that most hardware specific tools like this have required that I press the physical button rather than selecting it on the screen. My bad, thanks for the tip.

That being said, I made a discovery this week (as a result of this issue) that I actually prefer just removing the key entirely. It makes finding the home row much easier than fumbling around for the bumps on F and J. That was my temporary solution but I think I’m just going to stick to it. I put some opaque tape over the LED so it’s not totally exposed, and at some point I’ll probably try to make a small rubber plug to go in the empty switch socket.

Finding the right wrist rest has also been a game changer. At this point I feel like it’s as important as the keyboard itself. I bought eight of them before finding the right one for me.


We need you to drop the wrist rest review post asap! Glad you found one that works :smiling_face:

Not sure how much there is to review for a wrist rest. It’s a Wooting, made of silicone. It’s deep enough that my entire wrist and the base of my hand can rest on it, the height is a couple of millimeters higher than the lowest point on my gmmk2, and to me it just feels “right”. That being said, it’s entirely subjective. I don’t necessarily think it’s an amazing wrist rest, it just happens to be exactly right for me. Visually it just looks like a slab of silicone.


I dig it, it looks very slick. Also pairs really nicely with your desk mat.

Thank you. The desk mat isn’t actually a desk mat, it’s a cheap clip on desk extension because the desk isn’t deep enough to have my monitors at a comfortable distance from my keyboard… Getting a better desk is next on my list of things to upgrade in my setup but I haven’t found one I love yet, and for what they charge for nice desks these days, I need to love it to buy it.

The Secret Labs Magnus Pro is pretty close to what I want and may end up just getting one of them if nothing better shows up in the coming months.

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