My enter and delete key gets stuck sometimes

I recently obtained the custom keyboard addiction and got myself the gmmk pro with some of the glow keycaps (the ones that are translucent on the sides). Everything feels great and i have already done some mods to get the sound i have been looking for (yes bb giv me that thock).
However i did notice that the enter key and the delete button slowly go up from being pressed sometimes. What can i do to solve that issue? The keycap is not rubbing on anything else. Do i need to lube the stableizers?


Hi @eefernet and welcome to The Guild!
Congrats on opening pandora’s box of the wonderful world of modding keebs! It is a great time and vacuum of your funds, I recently started into this hobby as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds like you have the stock GOAT stabs installed in your GMMK PRO or possibly you are using the GSV2 stabs but regardless, you will more than likely find that the stabilizers are actually over lubed in this instance.

I have found that taking them out and doing a quick clean-up with q-tips and other solutions to get in the small spaces as best as you can and then following a YouTube video on how to lube them up properly. This will help for sure.

Here is a link to AlexTos video on lubing/balancing stabs as well.

If you are on the stock stabs, I would advise an upgrade as I think the GOATs have an issue like this that never fully goes away. Hope this helps but again, welcome & others with more knowledge than I will chime in here soon for you as well :slight_smile:
Remain Glorious!

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couldnt agree with Indigochicken more, it sounds to me like the infamous overlubed factory stab issue. i love the Durock v2s i put in my pro. I’m not a fan of the goat or goatv2 stabs personally.


Yeah, @Indigochicken has the best place to start.

Id also like to ask if you’ve done any additional mods to the PRO, such as swapping the stock aluminum plate for a poly carbonate one or modded your switches?

I had a similar issue at one point with my spacebar, and the issue turned out to be the cut outs for the stabilizers were a little too tight. The polycarbonate plate was basically pinching my stabs and preventing the spacebar from resetting.
I’ve also had times where I didn’t seat a switch film properly and it caused a slowed return on keystrokes.

Welcome to the Guild and happy thock hunting!


Yeah! Did the tape mod, i got extra gasket spacing but im probably going to have to look at a third party for thicker gaskets. I have that poly carb on now, it looks and makes it sound so good. I was looking to see if i should lube my durock L2 Creamy Green Clear switches, but that takes a while lol. Was wondering if there are any good linear switches that have that smooth creamy feel and come factory lubed?

Thank you very much for your much needed information!

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100% agree with @Indigochicken, @Antibimmer, and @8-Bit_Bootcamp!

That video will point you in the right direction!

Stabilizers can really make or break a build, so try to master that, and the rest will be easy! :wink:

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Out of the box, Wuque Studios Aurora switches sound and feel great with their thin factory lube, or you can order them without lube and lube them yourself.

If you want to spend less and don’t mind lubing your own switches KTT Roses turn out amazing when hand lubed and are much better than their price would have you believe. They are some of my favorite linears out there to date!

Here is a great video on how to lube your own switches from Taeha himself!