So I would say I am relatively new to keebs, but for the most part I’ve understood everything, except mounting, o ring mounts, gasket mounts, I haven’t found a good explanation for what it is and the best types. If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be highly appreciated.

At the moment, I am not building a keyboard, so there isn’t any rush.

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Something like this may help: Keyboard Mounting Styles — Keyboard University


Ok, thanks. Do you have any beginner recommendations?

There’s really no ‘best’ mounting style. It comes down to preference. You mostly see gasket mounted boards and tray mount. Personally, I only have experience with tray mounted boards, between my GMMK 2 and my personal custom keeb that I put together. It’s personal preference because the mounting style affects the typing feel (flexible vs rigid), sound, and of course how you put it together. O-rings are for the keycaps and affect the feel and reducing the sound of typing.

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Not entirely true - you can o-ring mount a tray mounted keyboard to get better sound and feel. See: Make the BEST sounding TOFU! TOFU65 O-Ring Mount Mod Tutorial - YouTube

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Alright, thanks all!

KU is a great resource, good recommendation!