Model O2 Wireless issue

Hey everyone, i wanna start off by saying im loving my O2 wireless! Its light, snappy, and the build quality of my unit feels pretty awesome!

However, im not sure if its just me, but i get the occasional sensor tracking skip (regardless of intensity of my task, and happens in bluetooth too)

Ive got the latest firmware, and i did have some wireless trackin issues, but those were fixed by plugging receiver into USB 3.1 SS port (works for me i guess!)

But i was wondering if anyone has any idea what might be causing this? Is it something thats known and might be fixed in firmware? Etc.

Also my battery life seems to struggle a bit. LEDs on 10%, pace slow, from 100% battery, i can play CoD for a few hours, and will already be on 60% (motion sync off, as this makes it worse)

Sorry for long post, just, i love the mouse, im hoping these are things that can be rectified? Or maybe mines just faulty? I have 0 clue :o

And if anyone, including @Millions has any idea, knowledge would be much appreciated :heart:

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Hey @Boozus_Newyorkus! Sorry to hear you’re having some skipping issue with your O2. I know I sound like a broken record, but definitely contact our Customer Support team and let them know what’s going on. They’ve got the most up-to-date troubleshooting, as well as the ability to replace a product if that’s determined to be the issue.

You’ve already exhausted my basic troubleshooting knowledge for this particular issue, so let me know what our CS team gets back to you with as I’m curious what might be causing the skip issue as well.

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No worries, ill contact them, and update you :blush:

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Hey @Millions i spoke to support, who recommended i tried running both the Firmware update and Pairing process for the Mouse again as this is supposed to help, though it helped for a small amount of time, its slowely coming back

After further communications with Panther in customer support, it Could be a firmware issue, or could be a faulty sensor, so im being sent a replacement :slight_smile:

However, though it wasnt 100% better, there were a few windows settings in windows 11 that made it a little better, which can be found on many google searches :grin:

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Glad they’re sending you a replacement. Let me know if you have any issues with that one and I can escalate further up the chain. Thanks for your patience and understanding on this one!

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So using the replacement, the battery drains slower, and the issue seems to be less frequent, but it still occurs every so often :thinking: i was asked what motherboard im using as they thought that might impact it?

Im using a z390 Maximus Hero XI with an intel I9-9900k.

At this point, i have no clue.

Hey! So sorry for the delay here - I’ve been on vacation the last week and a half.

Did CS get back to you with any suggestions once you shared your motherboard?

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Hey no worries! Hope it was fun! And unfortunately nothing, theyre pretty sure its firmware related, and theres nothing we can do at the moment, but he said the Dev team are looking into it, but i was compensated for the inconvenience, which was really nice to do :slight_smile: so my Fiance’ now gets a GMMK2 which is on the way haha

so, just waiting for the updates now as to when the fix will come :thinking:


Tried Hotfix, issue still ongoing :frowning:

I’ve been experiencing the same issue. Its pretty frustrating because I know when it happens regardless what activity I am doing. I could be in the middle of an intense fight in league of legends or just scrolling through the web. I can feel the small sensor skips.

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@Its_SBss definitely reach out to our CS team and let them know. They may be able to help troubleshoot or provide another resolution to the issue (refund, replacement, etc). Sorry to hear you’re experiencing these sensor skip issues!

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Its a little annoying dont get me wrong, but i love the mouse, and know the teams at Glorious are working on providing as much help as they can to fix the problem! :slight_smile:

The hot fix also helped me a fair amount. Still there, but its alot less frequent and smaller jumps, ao if you havent yet, id recommend installing that.