Model O2/I2 delay to potentially Feb. 2023?

Got this email on the 11/23. Anyone else?
Bummer about the delay (Bigger bummer is my whole flex kit combo/GMMK PRO build is on this purchase as well, so won’t be seeing that till then either).

Glad they caught the issues (as always and whatever it was) but super bummed that it’s being bumped this intensely :frowning:

edit CS took care of separating the order for me :slight_smile:


Yeah, I got the same email. This was going to be a Christmas gift to my son to replace his current Model O but guess I’ll be an Easter gift then or birthday gift depending on when it arrives. :rofl:

Glad they caught the issue though!


@Indigochicken we might be able to split your orders up in this particular instance - definitely worth checking with CS so you don’t have to wait for your FlexKit.


Thanks, @Millions! I wanted to put this onto the forum so people are aware too as I wasn’t seeing a post or others talking about it. (And since I missed it for a few days myself)
Cause of that: Turkey Coma. :turkey: :sleeping: :drooling_face:
I will hit up CS to see if that is doable :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


How convenient…

That said, I think Glorious is handling the situation well by offering refunds and detailed communication. I wonder what the issue is?