Model O2 2.4 issues

Hello everyone.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far.
Im here as i have some questions about my Model O2. So the day i got the mouse, it was obvious to me pretty quickly that i also was having weird sensor/frame skipping issues. I talked with support over the course of a week, and tried everything that they suggested all to no avail. I even used a friends laptop and tried updating firmware and syncing the mouse/dongle on a totally different computer. No matter how i use the mouse i have problems. Im wondering if anything has been figured out? If we know whats going on and why and if there has recently been any updates pushed out to fix this? Returning the mouse isnt really an option as im a few days past the 30 day mark, but tbh id really like to just use the darn thing. This mouse is like my 6th product from Glorious and the first one ive had any issues with whatsoever.
I appreciate any responses!

There are alot of reports about sensor issue with series 2, its still unknown if the issue is firmware or hardware related.

I’m just gonna keep holding out with the hopes that when they can pinpoint the issue, they do make it right especially if it does happen to be hardware related. I love this company and have faith they will

Did you update the firmware ?
They’re supposed to have fixed that.
You do need to follow the firmware update instruction precisely for it to work.