Model O wireless firmware update fails

If I open Glorious Core it says there is new firmware available.
When I try to update it says: An unknown error ocurred while updating. Please check that the usb cable and dongle associated with your device are connected and try again.
I tried to reinstall Glorious Core and tried to disable firewall and anti virus but nothing worked. any tips?

Hey @Sander2000, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your firmware! Please do reach out to our support team and they’ll help you troubleshoot the issue right away.

Plug both the mouse and dongle in and try that. You’ll need two cords so that you can plug both in.


This is the way. I struggled with this error for months. Plugging model O wireless in the original cable and then plugging the wifi dongle into another usb-c cable updated both for me. Thanks @SentientTD !

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Can anyone confirm the current Firmware? After many failed attempts I got lucky and tried the same thing suggested here. Just not sure it actually succeeded due to the glorious app crashing immediately after it hit 100% and then opening and failing again when I attempted a 2nd time.