Model O wired HID message format

Lately, I had way too much fun with QMK and custom HID communication on my GMMK Pro. One of the feature I managed to make work is the usage of the side leds to show which timer (project, client, billable or not) is in use.

I wanted to do something similar with other keyboard I have (or will have). I had no problem with the ID80, with its under glow. But I have another one supposed to be delivered in Q1 of this year, but it dos not have any leds. I also have a Model O wired mouse and I thought I could use it as an always present indicator instead of using sone other USB devices.

I work on a Mac, and I found a project to mostly do what I need. But there is a lots of “unknown” fields and a bunch of “look like the value is…”. i know I ask a lot, but would it be possible to have a description of the HID feature report fields? Please :grimacing: