Model O scroll wheel mods

Does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement scroll wheel for a Model O? My silicone grip is starting to slip, but would like to replace just the entire scroll wheel with something different.

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I know a lot of people who use those silicone rings that have been popping up lately as replacements for their scroll wheel ring in a pinch. It was really popular when Finalmouse released the Air58, and people were not a fan of that scroll wheel.

You can check AliExpress for replacement scroll wheels, but I’d imagine compatibility might be an issue with a good portion of them.

Yeah, I’ve seen those mods and am considering it. I’m just finding there are so many cool looking mouse wheels on aliexpress.

So… I did the silicon ring scroll wheel mod… I think I chose a crappy ring as it picks up dirt like crazy. But my scroll wheel is working again (not slipping) so until something better comes along, i think this will be ok.