Model o Pro

Let’s start off by saying I’m not trying to come across as upset or disappointed in anyway. Just concerned really. The model o pro group buy went live June 6th. I LOVE glorious products. Hands down some of the best in the industry.
But it’s been well over 2 months no update at all on the processing. I understand the group buy situation. You’re essentially paying for it & waiting for the product to be manufactured & sent out. I went through it with the model o wireless group buy years ago.

So, my only issue is we don’t receive updates. Could we get an email once in a while with a quick update on where processing stands?

Again, no hate here & i’ll admit this is rather long for me simply asking for updates on processing & such. But thank you if you take the time to read!

Hope everyone at Glorious as well as the guild members here are having a wonderful Tuesday!


To be fair, most or all group buys in general don’t even give you updates - I am not talking about Glorious group buys specifically.

I am still waiting for my ocean freight Zoom65 order, so far, there’s only updates that people who ordered through airline are receiving their Zoom65 right now.

The best you will get for the mouse is late August to early September. If there’s a delay, the seller will mention that.

I even did a group buy on the Milkshake keycaps from NovelKeys designed by Biipmk. I think there was a small delay that boxes were missing a few keycaps so they had to take time to sort that out before shipping the orders out.


Thankfully this has been changing. All three of the GMK sets I’ve been waiting on have, for the most part, been providing updates in their monthly newsletters they send out. Sure, they aren’t always the most useful updates, but still find it better than nothing most of the time. The Freebird TKL I am waiting on also went silent for awhile, but they’ve finally started giving somewhat more frequent updates. There will always be times when providing updates just doesn’t make sense (e.g. there is literally no change from the last update).

Hey @Kanada fair question! We try to keep the product page updated with the expected ship date as well as production status. The tracker for this is under the main page images

We’ll send out an email to anyone who purchased once they start shipping out, but you’re also welcome to check in with our CS team if you’re ever concerned or confused by what the tracker shows.

As of now, Model O PRO is still on track to ship sometime near the end of this month-September!


Just a heads up, for anyone who might not know.

If you are trying to keep tabs on Forge items after the respective group buy ends, you can go to the Forge page to view the production status. While on the Forge section, click the “production tab” at the top, and click on your respective product.

Once you open the items production page, scroll to the bottom of the initial product information section. There you will find a tracker and updated information on the production.

I’m not sure how often the information gets updated, but its a lot more info than I typically get while waiting on group buys.


Beat me to it


Ah I could never do GMK sets. They cost $200 CAD for me at least or even more but that’s a good note.

I understand 100% what you mean. I already know they said it will be shipping end of august early September. But I would like to know a specific date. I want to know if they are on track or potential delays. Some communication.

Has anyone had their model o pro ship yet?


I havent


Welcome @Dortpc glad to have you join the community

Hey all! Model O PROs are still in the process of shipping out, so your order may not have updated yet.

You can always contact support to see if they have more detailed information for you, and we’re aiming to post weekly updates on in progress Forge products moving forward. These updates can be found under the appropriate product thread in the Forge category.


yeah thx it just seems weird that like no one has said they got an email about there shipping info maybe its messed up or something?