Model O 2 Wireless Battery Life

What is the real-world battery life on the Model O 2 Wireless? I’ve been using mine for around 8 hours of usage in BT mode, at 60% rate, 25% brightness, and 1000Hz polling rate. It’s now at 68%. By my calculations, that’s 24 hours of real world usage!

In what world is 10% of the max specs (210 hours) in any way acceptable? I was hoping for a daily-use mouse that would go at least a week without needing to be charged.

Is my experience normal compared to others?

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What was the charge when your first started? A lot of the time the mouse isn’t at a 100% right when you get it out of the box, so it could have not moved very much at all.

I have the wired version for my son, so I can’t necessarily comment on the battery life, just confirming what the battery life was at the start.


Yes, welcome to the guild and I am sorry to hear you are have problems with battery life on the Model O 2 Wireless

I was wondering the same thing as @tecmo34, did you fully charge it before using it in BT mode?

Also, from my understanding of it the 210 hrs is only if you are not using any RGB at all. RGB will drain the battery life a lot quicker even if it is set to a lower brightness. ( I could be wrong her though :man_shrugging:)

I would be a little disappointed as well if it was fully charged and only after 8 hrs of usage it is down to 68% already. I have a Model D- Wireless and I can go for at least a week without charging it but then again I don’t use RGB at all so that helps a lot but I can’t really say how fast the battery on that will go with the RGB on just because I don’t use it.

Hopefully someone here that has a Model O 2 Wireless can chime in and give you better answers then us.


Thank you both for the welcome!

It was at around 80% when I first plugged it in to update firmware after unboxing. That process took a while due to the firmware getting stuck multiple times, and when I finally succeeded it was at 100%.

I’m going to start fresh first thing tomorrow by topping it off, and then I’ll monitor it over the next few days.

I want to try it first with RGB on, and then I’ll turn that off and give it another test run.


You’re very welcome :grinning:

Sounds good, definitely let us know how it goes with and without the RGB because it is definitely worth knowing how long the battery will last both way’s


I have an update on my battery life experience. I set the brightness to 15%, and set the lighting timeout to 5 minutes. Starting with a 100% charge, I’m sitting at just over 50% battery remaining after 4 days of use (8-hours/day).

So it looks like around a week of 8-hour day usage with these settings.

This is more reasonable than the early drain that prompted me to start this topic. I think part of the problem is that originally I didn’t have the lighting timeout turned on. So it ran all that original first day using the RGB at 65% brightness. I think this was the main issue.

I’m really liking the O 2 Wireless so far!


Great to hear!!

Good feedback, as I’m sure others will not think about turning on lighting timeout if it isn’t set on by default.

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That is great news I am happy to hear that you were able to extend you battery life by doing that