Model O 2 Pro 8k issues

Hello guys,

I just bought the third Model O 2 Pro 8k. The first one had problems with the sensor. While playing games, the cursor moves in the sky, the second mouse turned off while gaming. I had to turn the power switch to off and then to on, to turn back on the mouse. Now i bought the third Model O 2 Pro 8k and have the same issue like the first one. I am using a brand new “DUCKY SHIELD L” Mousepad… I used the same pad with my old Glorious Model O for like 8 years and had never a problem. But now, the new sensor in the Model O 2 Pro 8k has problems with this pad? Or is this the third Mouse with technical issues? firmware is updated by all three of them.

I would recommend reaching out to Glorious Support if you haven’t already @chu62. Having three QC issues like this is very strange and they may have troubleshooting suggestions to help correct the issue.