:jack_o_lantern: Happy Halloween! We’ve got three new treats available to make your celebrations even sweeter :jack_o_lantern:

Model O 2 Wired, O 2 Wireless, and I 2 Wireless are available now for pre-order on

Model O 2:

  • Ultralight 58-gram weight
  • Iconic ambidextrous shape
  • Ultra-flexible Ascended Cable
  • Next-Gen BAMF 2.0 Sensor
  • Glorious CORE support

Model O 2 Wireless:

  • Ultralight 68-gram weight
  • Iconic ambidextrous shape
  • Hybrid 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.2 LE wireless
  • 210-hour max battery life
  • Next-Gen BAMF 2.0 Sensor
  • Glorious CORE support

Model I 2 Wireless:

  • Ultralight 75-gram weight
  • Ergonomic shape with comfortable thumb rest
  • Swappable side button shapes
  • Hybrid 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth 5.2 LE wireless
  • 210-hour max battery life
  • Next-Gen BAMF 2.0 Sensor
  • Glorious CORE support

For more info about the pre-order process, check out our blog post here.

:bat: Spooky Good Guild Perks :bat:

@guild_members we’ve got some sweet additional perks for you!

Guild pre-orders placed in the first 72 hours for any of the new mice will receive priority fulfillment when we start shipping orders out.

Everyone buying any of the new mice within the next 24 hours will automatically have the chance to be one of 100 winners to get either a Gilded Keycap or a Glorious Water Bottle. You decide which!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite new mouse ASAP!

Not sure if you qualify for the Guild entry? Log into your Glorious account and look to the right side of your order history

  • if you see an Apprentice or Expert badge, you’re already in the Guild and will automatically be entered into the drawing with any pre-order you place.

  • If you see an “Accept Invite” button, click that to join the Glorious Guild before placing your pre-order; once you’ve joined, any pre-order you place in the next 24 hours will enter you into the drawing

  • If you do not see any badge or button, you have not yet qualified for Guild entrance. Fear not though, any order you place through our site will earn you points towards Guild entry

For more information about the Glorious Guild, check out our welcome page here: Glorious Gaming - Guild Welcome

We’re so excited to share these new mice with you, and we can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your battlestation. If you have any questions, drop them in the replies below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP. Happy Halloween everyone!


68 Grams /$100 for some improved RGB and Bluetooth


I have to be honest its a bit underwhelming announcement since this is 4th or 5th iteration of the model O. I will personally not buy any of this mice, because I hope that Model D will come in this version. The thing that I’m really happy you improved is the structure, and I really hope that that annoying flex is gone for good (Model I wired doesn’t have it after a few months of extensive use). The second best thing is the bluetooth support for wireless mice which is awesome, I sometimes carry my model D with me, and I have to carry that dongle which is always a risk to be lost :slight_smile: . Battery life improvement is always welcome and in this case its tripled so gj on that front. Everything else is slight quality of life improvement in my opinion and I don’t have anything to add on that.
Finaly pricing, I have to say I was really impressed with the pricinig, in my opinion its more than fair and realistic unlike some other popular brands that overprice their products.

All in all gj on this release and I hope that Model D wired and wireless will come very soon because I want to replace my older ones :slight_smile:


Yea i was thinking the same thing. was expecting alot more since its been 3 years since the original. I was hoping for wireless charging or even a charging dock. Ordered the Model O pro and i was underwhelmed by it. one of the 2 i bought is faulty but the one that is working feels like another model O.


You can’t claim ambidextrous, then have a right-handed button layout…


Agreed, the Model I 2 was good, but the model o’s in my opinion werent needed


Having the sensor upgrade in the Model O 2 but not the Model O Pro feels like a slap in the face tbh.


We had a couple reasons for moving forward with O PRO using the original BAMF sensor, main reasons being

  1. BAMF 2.0 was not confirmed until mid-way through O PRO production
  2. Accelerated shipping schedule of Forge products meant using BAMF 1.0 would allow us to get them to you sooner

BAMF 1.0 is still a top-tier sensor, and other factors like lighter weight of the PRO balances the performance benefits out for that mouse.


Model I 2 I get. Market isn’t saturated with that shape and layout, particularly wireless options. The choices though for the Model O 2 in year end 2022 just confuse me. Initially I was excited that they didn’t chase weight especially when I saw the battery life. But if your not chasing weight why keep the holes? For better RGB I guess. And then I also realized for the battery it’s the typical misleading marketing by leaving out that the battery life is 210 hours using BT only. Do gamers connect gaming mice using BT if available? Idk. Maybe some do. Just wish the forward facing marketing was more forthright with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am hoping for a successful launch for Glorious, and I’m sure many will love the model O 2, but ultimately its a pass for me.

When do the Guild perks get drawn?

I was waiting for the Model I to go wireless before I picked one up and this is exactly it.
I only hope there are G-Floats for the model I in the future, as they’re my favorite feet and I have no idea if I’ll be able to get anything close to the ones made for the model O and D.


I would still really like to see a Model D2 wireless.

And Im gonna keep asking for a glorious charge dock until i die

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I’ll be drawing names around 12p CT today and sending the winners an email asking for their choice! So make sure to get an order in by 11:55p CT or so to be included in the drawing :slight_smile:


I’m not sure what the marketing itself says, but to be fair in the announcement video they made extremely clear that Bluetooth gets you X, and 2.4 gets you X.


I was anticipating a D2 and was very disappointed when I didn’t see one during the premiere, at least the I2 looks pretty cool (might pick one up, haven’t decided yet). Also, I 100% agree with the charging dock, I really want one :sob:

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I’m wiling to place bets that the Model D will come out sometime in the near future.

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It would certainly make for a nice end of year holiday release.

That was one of my first thoughts, with the O Pro being “pro” and all one might expect it to have the best possible hardware. Keep in mind that the O Pro is an improved version of the gen 1 Model O Wireless, so I’d expect maybe a year from now there might be a Model O 2 Pro or something (@Millions any input lol?)

I’m not one to complain about the finer details of sensor performance though, look at the Pulsefire Haste and Haste Wireless for example. An amazing mouse with an “entry-level” sensor (PAW3335). Pretty much every modern sensor will have more than enough performance for most users, so at the end of the day not too big a deal IMO.


I guess O- and O- Wireless is on the design table as well… I think O is too big for me

Will future releases of the O pro or Series One Pro use Bamf 2.0?