Model I - Mouse stops clicking

Hello, i just got the model I and if i am holding down left click, and then hit one of the side buttons (I have them binded with a macro to just click 9) the mouse stops holding down left click, even with my finger still on it. please help

Hi @Dog, I noticed you had two identical posts up and deleted one in an effort to keep the forum looking tidy.

In regards to your Model-I mouse buttons having issues when being used together, I would suggest contacting the Glorious Support team. Support can be reach HERE, 8 AM - 8 PM (1 PM - 1 AM GMT/BST)

My guess is, your issue is not something most Model-I users have experienced, hence the lack of assistance here on the forum. If the support team is able to walk you through troubleshooting steps that fix the issue, I would be very interested to know what they had you do.