Model I 2 wireless - Very poor pre-order experience


I’m sure many/most of you are familiar with the rocky road for Model I 2 wireless preorders. Production issues suck and I’m not going to criticize anyone for that. I’m glad they didn’t rush and waited to make sure the product was as good as possible.

I’m expressing my complete dissatisfaction with the lack of communication about the shipping. I received no email about the shipping or any new delays in the shipping and it was only today when I received an email about how “regular orders were shipping” that I realized that pre-orders had shipped … or so I thought.

Discord and the news here said that the pre-orders had shipped the week of the 26th. Not mine. Yet I got no email or any notification that my pre-order was having issues.

I had to contact support myself to find out that:

“There was an issue with our system which kept your order from shipping. Again, I am sorry about that. We have corrected the issue so your order should ship out soon.”

When were you planning on telling me that?!

The communication throughout this ‘pre-order’ experience with Glorious has been poor, months without any updates after the initial delay, but this was a new low.

I have no idea how long it would have taken to get my order if I had not reached out.

I will likely NEVER preorder anything from Glorious again.

All the gift cards and free clothing won’t change the fact that this customer service experience has soured me on the entire Glorious brand.

I was so excited for this to come out when they announced it. Then the wait happened… Now that it arrived the excitement is gone. Used it for less then a hour, my left trigger button is starting to stick after clicking it. Pretty disappointed.