Model I 2 Wireless, really bad lag/stuttering in 2.4GHz wireless mode

Just got my Model I 2, and when it’s wired it works great and as anticipated. In wireless mode the performance is pretty abysmal. Frequent stutters or lag. Sometimes it’ll feel like the cursor is trying to slide through molasses. I’ve tried factory resetting, reinstalling the firmware updates, clean Glorious Core install, the works. I really want to like the mouse as it feels great but in the current state it isn’t exactly usable, and I bought it specifically to be a wireless mouse.

I was literally wondering about it, and I was right, they didn’t fix the issue since the Model O 2, what a shame…

Haven’t had any issues with mine yet. Just got it yesterday and I’ve been using it in 2.4ghz mode. Been working flawlessly so far.

Same, they delayed pre-orders so I assumed the wireless issues would be why but I guess not

Not all mice are affected (same as on model 0 2), but the problem is people were complaining about this issue for quite some time now, and they didn’t address it anywhere, they repeated the same mistake with the Model I 2.

@CobaltC3D sorry to hear you’re having some issues with your I 2! I’m going to reach out via DM to get you connected with our CS team, but I’ll drop a basic pass of troubleshooting steps here in case anyone else on the forum runs into similar issues that are fixable with this troubleshooting:

  1. Have you tried plugging the receiver into a different USB port on your PC?
  2. Have you tried using the dongle extender?
  3. Can you confirm you’re on the latest firmware (version 0036)?
  4. Can you confirm you’re on the latest version of CORE (1.1.34)?

I see you’ve said you’ve already tried a fresh CORE install, and that would be my last suggestion for troubleshooting outside of the points listed above. Reaching out to you via DM now!


Is there not a place to post bugs in the forums? I swear I looked.

Anyway, just got the I 2 wireless today.

Bug: Assigning . (period) to the sniper button seems to map to Delete. Delete also maps to Delete.

I 2 firmware: v0036

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Most bugs are reported as individual posts or handled by support. We can try helping you on the forum but do contact the Glorious support team . They can give you more in-depth help and it makes them aware of any bugs much faster.