Model I 2 wireless not charging when PC off

Before you ask. Yes, the USB port does PD while the computer is off. Confirmed by my epomaker wireless keyboard and corsair wireless mouse charging when PC in powered down.

I just got the Model I 2 wireless it will not charge via the PD USB port when the PC is off and it won’t charge via an external (65W Ugreen charger).

I have the same mouse and similar annoying problems. What i’ve managed to discover is that, if you use the “Turn off after inactivity” setting in the Glorius Core SW, this somehow messes up mouses charging. The mouse charges just fine, UNTIL its inactive and the lightning goes off (I know it’s weird). When i move the mouse a little to make it active again, it starts to charge again.

I turn this setting off whenever i’m charging my mouse and it charges fine.

However there are more serious problems with this mouse, for example changing profiles seems to do nothing. I have totally different settings on PROFILE 2 and even though i’m hitting save, it gets stuck on PROFILE 1 even though the software is showing PROFILE 2. Very irritating. It is very inconsistent.

Sometimes the profile switch works but only if you hit “save” after switching profile. And some other times the DPI settings switches to Profile 2 correctly, however the lightning settings stuck on Profile 1.

Even though i keep the lightning brightness to %5, it reverts back to %60 EVERY SINGLE time i turn on my PC. It stays that way until i hit the SAVE button again.

Very very frustrating… I’m deeply dissapointed in this mouse.

Using Core SW version: 1.1.35
FW version: v0036

Note: I also have a model D wireless and that mouse is perfect no problems whatsoever with the same software. I can charge just fine, i can change profiles on the fly with a button. The settings stay the same… That is not the case with I 2 Wireless.

Please fix these issues or my next mouse is unfortunately gonna be a Razer :frowning:


I just realized I don’t even have “turn off after inactivity” turned on…

I also have the issue of the mouse lighting and dpi profiles not turning on when it’s plugged in and set to the ‘off’ position, yet I can still use the mouse. It also doesn’t charge even when my PC is on in this state…
Also, when it’s in this weird state, if it’s still plugged in and I push the switch to wireless, nothing changes, I need to unplug it, turn the mouse off, and then back on again to get lighting and my DPI settings back.

It really makes zero sense why it can’t be charged when both the mouse and PC are off. May also have to switch to another brand, which is a bummer I like the layout of this mouse.

Have you tried contacting Glorious support yet @iambear? I understand these issues are frustrating, but any suggestions we give here on the forum are going to educated guesses. The fastest and most reliable way to resolve the issue is to reach out to the support team for assistance.

Yup, they were not of much help

That’s unfortunate, the support team is usually pretty good at dealing with issues like this. @Bearenby @Millions any suggestions?

Hey @iambear, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your Model I 2. I checked in with our customer service team to see if we’d had any updates from our engineering team and unfortunately no updates yet. They’re still looking into it and will message you as soon as we have an update.

Are there any updates? I just got this mouse, and I’m really frustrated with how this mouse charging mechanism works. This needs to be fixed ASAP!

Just bought my Model I2 last week and I’m having similar issues. Any possibility for an update to allow the mouse to be able to charge through other USB-C cords?