Model I 2 Shipping Updates?

Has there been any update to expected shipping on Model I 2 preorders since the initial delay in late November?


I too would like to know this.

I’m good with the delay, it’s not like I NEEDED THE MOUSE RIGHT NOW TO BREATHE, but it’s been a minute and we’ve heard nothing. Am curious to know the status.


@Millions , are you able to provide any update on when the Model I 2 may be shipping ?

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It would be nice if there was more communication on the orders. One email a couple months ago about a delay and nothing else.

Lemme check on some info for all of you and get back to you ASAP!


Could you share the email? Did they specify the reason for the delay?

There was a quality concern that they hadn’t caught in the first testing stages so they had to push back the shipping dates so they could fix the problem they found.

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Also was curious on this. Was wondering what QC issue’s they ran into also. It interest’s me.

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Anything on this?