Model D Wireless Review and Firmware Update Problem

I’m new to Glorious products and my son have a Glorious mouse and when my previous steelseries scroll wheel died he suggested me the Model D Wireless.


  • The mouse is very light,
  • The sensor is very good,
  • The settings are easy to change on the software,
  • The RGB is eye catching,
  • The cord is too flexible and we don’t notice it is there


  1. The battery warns too fast ( My Apple Magic Mouse last weeks, and my old logitech rechargeable lasted weeks too ),

  2. The Firmware update doesn’t work, even when stopped all anti-virus software (Tried it with 3 different versions of Core, and with one firmware that i received by email after using the support bot), I’ve red some response from glorious support on reddit that the mouse and dongle should be connected on USB 2.0 ports for the update to work I have an High end Motherboard that only has USB 3.0 and greater.

  3. The mouse is always lighting the RGB even when the PC that is connect to is off, which in my view lowers battery life, I share my mousepad with my magic mouse during the work hours when my PC is turned off and my Mac is on the desk using my triple monitors to work, and sometimes i touch the Glorious and it lights the RGB.

  4. The mouse stopped working after a shot down and turn on of the PC again, after 5 minutes some thoubleshouting I’ve found the issue the core software had a popup asking for an update and when the popup was active the mouse would not respond returning to life after the popup was dismissed.


  • When the mouse is not connected to the dongle, don’t light the RGB if it moves.
  • (BUG) - Don’t make the mouse unresponsive when the Core software opens a update
    confirmation popup.

** :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: Can anyone help me update the Model D wireless firmware? :pray:**

I’ve shut down Kaspersky and all other applications that load on startup for controlling other devices,

Tried to use different USB cables, USB-A → USB-C, USB-C → USB-C, From my Samsung and Huawei Smart Phones.

Also used the case front panel USB’s and connected directly to the motherboard.

Always with the same failure message :rage:

I would recommend contacting Glorious Support for assistance. They are going to be your best option for fast and reliable troubleshooting. Best we can do here is make educated guesses.