Model D Wireless motion delay?

Have you guys done anything to address the motion delay TPU found in the MOW with the Model D’s release? Is this same motion delay going to be present in the MDW / inherit to the BAMF sensor or is something you can resolve? From my research, other mice based on the 3370 don’t have this issue just 3335 models.

Could we get an update on that? Current MOW user really looking forward to the MDW but will look at other options if this issue is still present.

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Brian from Badseedtech mentioned this in his review. He suggests using the software to lower the D bounce to 0 and it cleared up the lag.

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I’m not sure that is related as motion delay is based on the sensor lagging and the debounce time is for clicking and just adds a delay in order to avoid double clicking. If I had to guess the motion delay would still be present in the MDW as it users the same sensor as the MOW, but I believe that the motion delay is likely more of a quality control issue as it shouldn’t be that different from other mice here you can see some information based on testing done on page 5: Glorious Model O Wireless Review | TechPowerUp if you find something else out or have other ideas I would like to hear them !

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I’m talking about motion delay in the sensor, not click latency. Ty for the response though.

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Hey there, great question!

By our testing standards, the BAMF sensor does not have any significant motion delay that would be noticeable during gameplay. The way TPU set up their test for this product was different from our own production quality test, as we test at the hardware level (using a USB analyzer hooked up to the MCU) and TPU was testing based on comparison to another mouse. We feel the way we have our testing set up is the most accurate and reliable way to test motion delay, and using that testing we found our sensor to be on par or slightly better than our competitors.

So to that end, we have not made major adjustments to the sensor from the MOW to the MDW. If you’ve personally experienced any noticeable issues with motion delay in your Model O Wireless, we’d love to hear and help solve those as we want to make sure you’re happy with your product :slightly_smiling_face: Feel free to reply here or send our customer support team a message if that’s the case, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

And as always, thanks for being an awesome supporter of Glorious!