Model D wireless Firmware

Hi guys,

Glorious Core notifies me that I have an update for my mouse but whenever I attempt to update the process never completes it hangs up at “150%” installation indefinitely.

Current Firmware is v0.3.8.1

Is anyone else having this issue, and is there a fix for this?

Hey there!

This is a bug that multiple people were experiencing with the MDW on CORE v1.0.28 and is fixed in CORE v1.0.29 which was just released last week. :sparkles:


I have 1.028

didn’t know there was an update, I’ll update my software and see if that helps


Hello once again

I updated my software and attempted to install the new Firmware but now I’m receiving this error…

I plug it in and it gives me this error, and when I connect it to the wireless dongle it says device appears to be unplugged.

What should I do now?

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I had to plug in both my mouse and the dongle to get my MOW to update.



I never thought of doing that, worked like a charm!

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