Model D wireless (Btn4 doesn't work )

My mouse almost a month ago started doing a weird behavior the mouse doesn’t click until press alt + ctrl + delete, also now the btn4 doesn’t work.
I tried to reinstall frimware and hard reset (but doesn’t make reset because I didn’t see a blinking rgb) none of them helped me.
is there any solution/help (I don’t have a order id or invoice picture)

Hello @HazemAlrfati and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your mouse. That issue sounds quite odd. I would recommend reaching out to Glorious Support. As the people here on the forum don’t work for glorious, any advice you get will be a shot in the dark. Let us know how your progress goes. Hoping you can get it resolved soon!

Thank you, I contacted Glorious Support and they requested an order id or invoice picture and actually, I didn’t have one of them, also they suggested doing a hard reset, but my mouse doesn’t do that I don’t the reason “since there is no RGB flash”.

They should be able to work with you if you have some sort of evidence of purchase, even if it’s not directly from them. I don’t fully understand your explanation pertaining to “since there is no RGB flash”. But either way, I don’t know how much luck you will get here on the forum. Hopefully you can figure out what you need to provide to support to allow better support.