Model D Wireless - always on

I’m loving the Model D wireless and everything to do with it. The only issue I have with it is that when I turn it off from the switch and plug it in, the mouse becomes active and functional, even though the switch is set to off. I hope Glorious can fix this via an update because all mouses have a switch as the main controller even when plugged in. This is mainly an issue when the mouse battery dies, so I have to plug it in and use another mouse (rather use wireless than wired), and also at night when I plug it in, the RGB takes a while to go out and even then, slight movement on the table(even the fan’s vibration triggers the mouse to turn on) will trigger the mouse to switch on.
Please Glorious, I know y’all can fix this. Thanks!

I figured all mice did that…I have the 0- wireless the roccat burst pro air and the starlight 12 phantom all on my desk and they all work when their plugged in and switched to off. I always just assumed when u plug it in to charge it just makes it a wired mouse while its charging but I could be wrong.


Same here


I was legit just thinking “are they not supposed to do that?” cause all 3 of mine do.


This is not an issue with your mouse but how it is supposed to function out of the box. You can of course turn off the RGB or turn the brightness down in CORE, but the functionality of having it turn off via the switch when plugged in is not something we have built into our mouse.

I can mention this to the Product Team though as an interesting feature in future mice, but as @jzaine7 mentioned, this functionality is standard across a number of wireless gaming mice from different brands.


Oh, i see. Learned something new today. I was confused because logitech and razer mice don’t do this, but I didn’t know that some other brands work the same way. thanks for the insight everyone!