Model D Wired

My wired model D that I have owned for roughly 2 years is starting to have instances where it freezes when running games. As far as I can tell it tends to only occur when I am running/have ran a game. Is there any fixes for this problem or is the mouse kaput.

There a number of possibilities, outside of your mouse dying. The fastest way to get help is to live chat with our support team! They’ll be able to troubleshoot with you in real time.

You can reach them here: Support - Official Web Store - Glorious Gaming


Hello Bearenby,

I’m not sure why but the live chat does not seem to be a clickable icon.

Try opening the support page in a different browser than what you are currently using. I occasionally run into pages that do not like Opera GX for whatever reason, and have to use Firefox to get around the issue.

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You can also click the chat bubble in the bottom right to reach them from any page! It will have a couple of automated questions but it will connect you with a support team member after you answer them.

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