Model D / Model O Wireless DPI Stops Working and Scroll Wheel Flashes Green (EDITED)

Hello everyone,

I have ran into a weird issue with my Model D wireless. and have read online that it is happening with the Model O series as well. I just did the firmware update to my Model D wireless mouse and now the DPI button has stopped working and the scroll wheel is consistently flashing green as if it it trying to tell me the battery is fully charged.

What I have done to try to fix it:

-Reinstall firmware update
-Uninstalled Glorious Core and reinstalled with fresh updates
-Pressing and holding the DPI button to see if it is stuck in battery mode (tried for 5 seconds then again for 30 seconds)
-Restarted PC to make sure it was not a PC-Mouse connection issue and tried on my other PC and Laptop
-Removed Wireless Adapter and plugged in manually while mouse was turned both on and off

None of these seemed to have fixed the issue and before submitting for a warranty replacement I was wondering if anyone else possibly knew of a fix.

EDIT: I just swapped the battery indicator mode to a different key and turned it off so it stopped flashing. Seems like the DPI button went out on it so I think I just got a bad mouse unless someone knows of a different fix.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there! Looks like you’ve done a lot of troubleshooting on your own already. Have you put in a ticket with our support team? They usually have a greater knowledge of trending issues with our products and might be able solve this for you without having to return it.

The same , do you have any solutions?