[Model D] M1 Sticking+Scroll Wheel Reg issues


I figured this is the last place I can try to get any type of help with my Model D issues which started about 2 months after purchase(I pre-ordered).

M1 gets loose/stuck & MWHEEL ‘slips’(no tactile feedback/input registry)sometimes.
It’s clearly an issue with the hardware itself and the device has been sitting in it’s box longer than the few months of use I got out of it.

I’ve already contacted support(who never responded to the first ticket I sent, so after a month of waiting I opened another), but they seemed more concerned with avoiding having to replace it instead of helping me out.

Here is my full e-mail which I sent:


My Model D has been having progressively worse issues over the last 2 or so months.

First, the left mouse button started randomly physically sticking upon clicking; to where I would have to click it again and kinda wiggle it to make it unstuck.

Now, as of the last 2-3 weeks, the scroll wheel is randomly physically ‘slipping,’ mainly when I try to use scroll wheel down.

I am now unable to use the mouse for gaming as I can’t reasonably rely on it to have proper input registry over the course of a full game of Valorant or CS.

I have of course made sure the firmware was up-to-date and also reinstalled the Model D control software and left it at default settings. I’ve also never made any type of adjustments to the mouse such as changing the mouse feet or opening it up to replace the cable.

I’ve been a dedicated customer since I first discovered the brand, and I would hope there is a way for me to get the mouse replaced at no cost, as it has only been in use for less than 6 months.

Could you please help me?

Thank you for your time.

I gave up trying to get any help after they asked me to provide a ‘quick video’ clearly showing the issues(that I can’t replicate on command since they’re random/intermittent).
This ‘quick video’ also requires me to include physical proof of the Serial Number & Order ID.

So, in short - I’d need to record this with my phone, while playing an FPS, with the hope that both issues would occur and be visible on the mouse+monitor while also showing physical versions of the S/N & Order ID; all in a single ‘quick video.’

I’m not alone here in feeling like this is a bit of a ridiculous request meant to discourage customers from seeking replacements for their faulty mice, am I?

I haven’t touched that mouse since the loose/slipping/sticking M1+MWHEEL issue became apparent and I’ve avoided buying or recommending Glorious Mice ever since.
What stinks is that I really like the Model D’s size/shape/feel and it would be great to have a fully functional one.
I’d be happy to send it back for a replacement, which is all I wanted to do in the first place.

I still buy your Mouse pads, but I refuse to buy any more hardware from you due to this awful experience with customer support. Even though I’ve had my eye on the Panda switches, GMMK Pro & Model O (and now D) Wireless for quite some time now.

Can any staff here help me out?



the same problem happened to me when the model o first came out i brought it and i had the same problems then i stop using the mouse after a month or 2 and i brought a new one and it was fine. i feel like the reason you got that problem is because you probably got one of the first batches of the mouse so it was probably buggy

It seems like a reasonable request. My mouse cable was having issues, and I had to make a video like the one you described. I’m now waiting for a replacement cable to arrive and all I had to pay for was the shipping. If you are having problems, I would say that you could just record your self gaming or doing what normally ends up causing problems. It might take some time, though if you can’t even play one match of Valorant without the mouse messing up then it seems to happen fairly often.

Glad to hear I’m not alone. I purchased my model D around June of 2020. Starting around 1-2 months ago I also started to notice a “slipping” while scrolling through documents. I haven’t tried reaching out as I was considering the model d wireless.

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Just saw this, sorry for the delayed response! Sending you a DM right now :slight_smile:


You should definitely still submit a ticket! I know the video thing can feel tedious, but I’m sure support can offer something to help remedy the situation.

Just as a bit of info for all here, we ask for those videos with the serial number included as a way to confirm we’re not receiving a duplicate ticket, particularly from customers who purchase outside of our shop (on Amazon, in person at Microcenter, etc). We don’t really get any kind of customer info from those retailers, so it becomes a little difficult to address customer support issues.

If any of you Guild members ever have questions or issues with your support ticket, you’re welcome to message me about what’s going on and I can do my best to take a look and help solve the problem :slight_smile:

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Millions thanks for the info, I’ll see if I can recreate the slippage as it has been driving me crazy when it happens. Still think I’ll preorder the wireless model D though :thinking:

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Thanks so much for the help. That was super fast, lol!

Will be buying Glorious Hardware again, finally! :partying_face:

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Glad they got you taken care of!

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