model D buttons not working please help!

so I bought this glorious mouse maybe a month ago and randomly the side buttons and dpi button stop working at the same time and only sometimes work when the mouse is plugged in charging sometimes unplugging it turning it off and back on fixes it. or unknown if it even does , I personally cannot tell . I have kept up to date with all my updates for drivers / mouse software. a week into having this issue I did a full windows reinstall I’ve tried resetting the mouse by holding the scroll wheel + LMB + RMB . I honestly don’t know what to do and I am almost at the point of just buying a different mouse because i cant play fps games confidently with this issue. regardless of my issues though i am in love with the mouse and it just makes me genuinely upset because of how excited i was while this thing shipped to my house/ how much time and effort i have put into trying to fix this issue during my limited playing time. if there is any fix to this issue please let me know as i would love to continue using the current mouse i own.

Not sure if someone has had a similar problem and might have an answer but I would definitely Contact support they are very good!