Model D 2 Pro software support

Hello! I just got a model D 2 pro mouse from best buy and it doesn’t seem to have any support on the Core software. I was wondering if that will change soon or not

I didn’t know if there was a D2 Pro yet until I checked the logs. Are you sure you don’t have the regular Model D Pro? “Support for Model D PRO” was released in CORE Version 1.0.33. So as long as you have the up-to-date version ( 1.1.34) you should be okay. As far as I’m aware no V2 of the Pro models has seen a public release.

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The reason core doesn’t support it is because that mouse doesn’t exist

It appears there might be one, but ya I don’t think there has been an actual release where people could get one let alone at Best Buy
2023-10-14 17_15_55-Development Roadmap - Glorious Gaming — Mozilla Firefox

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Thats an interesting thing to see in the product list @ice. @Millions @Bearenby can either of you shed some light on this?


This is a difficult one to respond to, I’ll be honest. Officially, I can say: we haven’t announced mice called “Model O 2 PRO” or “Model D 2 PRO”.

Keep an eye on our socials this week for more info!


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That’s what like three people I’ve seen get the D 2 Pro from Best Buy? That reminds me when Best Buy was selling the I 2 wireless early and had to stop. Weird story about that, I ordered the I 2 wireless day one from Best Buy and must’ve gotten one of the ones that went out early weeks before because someone swapped the mouse out with a ROG Chakram X mouse and resealed the box. The person even cut into the inner packaging to make sure the mouse fit. It was a weird exchange at the customer service counter later that day lol.

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This mouse was literally just announced today…How are people already getting it from Best buy?

Best Buy also released the I 2 wireless weeks early too; I mean that mouse was already announced but they still sold it early on accident and had to stop.

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Best Buy had it on shelves too early :upside_down_face:


Yep, just found them