Lubing MX Style switches

Not wanting to take anything away from Glorious, and the pre-lubed options they have for some of their switches, but for those of us that want to get a little more DIY into their keyboards, here is a great video that I wished I saw before I attempted to lube my first set of switches.


This was the very video I used to learn how to lube switches as well.


We love Taeha!! This is a great video for sure. We also made on one our channel with JTTR: How To Lube Switches, featuring @JTTR - YouTube

Similar info but just throwing it out there in case it’s useful :slight_smile:


Lubing switches is fun. It’s time-consuming, yes, but if you got a movie on or some good music, it’s a fun way to just shut off your brain for a few hours. And it’s a hobby that you really can’t mess up lol. Think you used too much lube? Just clean it. Not enough? Add more.